Firing range

Grad of Hardness Firing range
Soft 700 - 730 °C
Medium 730 - 770 °C
Hard 770 - 820 °C

Shelf life

Jewellery enamels in powder form have a limited shelf life. High humidity and temperature can attack the enamel powder and may finally have a negative impact on the fired enamel decoration. The storage of jewellery enamels in powder form should not exceed 12 months. Under difficult storage conditions, e.g. high temperature, high temperature variations and high humidity we recommend using enamel lumps instead of powder. Enamel lumps are much more resistant and can be processed with hardly any loss of quality even after a long storage time.


Principally jewellery enamels can be intermixed, but mixed enamels do not form a new homogeneous mixing colour shade. The pigments stay separately and create a speckled enamel layer. Nevertheless deliberately used, interesting effects can be obtained by mixing jewellery enamel.

Production of an enamel decoration

The following process steps are necessary to produce a decoration with jewellery enamels:

  • Selection of the metallic substrate.
  • Preparation of the substrate for the enamelling process. The necessary preparation steps vary in relation to the type of substrate.
  • Preparation of the jewellery enamel.
  • Application of the jewellery enamel on to the metallic substrate. Different methods can be used e. g. wet application, dry application.
  • Firing of the decorated piece.

Jewellery Enamel Product Range

Our standard colour's are given below

NO. Colour Hardness Application for
Copper Tombac Silver Gold
2A flux bluish 3 * * *
8B dark ruby red 2 * * 4 *
41 saphier blue 2 * * * *
142 dark green 1 4 4 * *
5275 forget-me-not-blue 2 * * * *
201 white 2 * * *
210A lemon yellow 1 * * * *
806 heliotrope 1 * * *
6890 black 2 * * *

Other colours can be offered on request

Jewellery Enamel Product Catalogue*

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