We stand by our initiatives, as each one strongly reflects our core values and principles, making:

Health, Education & Environment

The three main pillars of our policy

At CHOKSI HERAEUS, Corporate Social Respons-ibility plays a vital role in our company’s working, ensuring we serve society in a meaningful way. In the view of THE COMPANIES ACT, 2013 being made mandatory by the Government of India, CSR initiatives are acknowledged and encouraged to help the corporate houses to uniformly participate in the development of society. Supporting the concept of philanthropy, we believe that CSR helps the nation face its macro challenges – literacy, healthcare, climate change, and skills empowerment – more efficiently and effectively on multiple fronts.

CHOKSI HERAEUS, was made aware of its social obligations by our founder, Late Shri. RAVINDRA CHOKSI, who always had a helping heart. At a time when people were still understanding the workings of CSR, he also curated a trust. The trust catered to all the medical needs of his employees and was extended to their families as well. Today Choksi Heraeus’s CSR policy has been shaped by integrating the inspirational values of our founder, Late Shri. RavindraChoksi, with the prescribed guidelines of the government mandate. This helps us focus our ability to actively uplift our communities.

Our CSR undertakings are diverse in nature and reach, collaborating with partners, such as the government, gives us the chance to nurture projects, ensuring long-term impacts. The central focus of our CSR resources are towards the institutions located in and around Udaipur, Rajasthan. We have offered our aid to programs of national importance and pursue to extend our support to issues regarding, Water & Sanitation, Sports&Culture, Women’s Empowerment, with an open mind to all emerging social agendas. Keeping our actions in accordance with section 135 of The Companies Act 2013 read with rules and prescribed schedule VII, of the same.

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