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"With the technical know how from our collaborators Heraeus Ltd., Hong Kong, we are in a position to supply sophisticated Master Alloys for the Jewellery Industry."

Working with the purest metals and extreme caution during the alloying procedure, together with a modern, well-equipped analytical laboratory, highest standards of product quality is guaranteed.

A wide range of master alloys for all common karat (8K, 9K, 14K, 18K) is available for the jewelry manufacturers. This covers the full range of colours and applications such as casting, stone casting and rolling.

Dedicated and well experienced technical staffs are available for solving any application problem or trouble-shooting the manufacturing process of our clients.

Hundreds of Masters alloys & Platinum alloys are available:
Master alloys for White Gold (Nickel-Safe)
Master alloys for Palladium containing White Gold
Master alloys for White Gold (Nickel & Palladium Free)
Master alloys for Colored Gold
Master alloys for Colored Gold (Machining)
Sterling Silver and its Master alloys
Master alloys for Solders (Cadmium Free)
Platinum alloys
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