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Electrical Contact Materials designed, by the users, are available in different sizes and shapes, such as Profiles, Blanks, Discs, Buttons, Rivets (both solid & bi-metallic).

Standard material offered by us include Pure Silver, Fine Grain Silver with minor additives, Silver Nickel, Silver Cadmium Oxide, Silver Graphite, Silver Tungsten, Silver Tungsten Carbide, Copper Tungsten etc.

For low current we offer Silver Palladium and Platinum Alloys.

We also produce "ready to insert Contact Assemblies" with Contacts duly riveted/brazed on Copper/Brass Carriers.

For economical production of large quantities of Contacts, we offer semi-finished products (SEMIS) in the form of Strips, Foils and Wires. Cladded Strips are offered with Precious Metals Inlay, Throughlay, Edgelay or Overlay mainly for MCB's and HRC Fuse elements.

 Contact Material  Brazing Material  Backing/Carrier Material
 Ag  IS 2997/Bs 1845  Copper
 Ag Ni 0.15  with 2, 15, 43, 45,  Ag Bronze
 Ag Cu ( 3..10% )  50 and 60% Ag  Cu Fe 2
 Ag Ni ( 10..40% )    Cu Bronze
 Ag CdO ( 10..15% )    CuNi Alloys
 Ag Pd ( 30..60% )    
 Ag C*    
 Ag W*    
 Ag WC*    
 Cu W*    
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Complete Contact Assemblies can be supplied using any of the above Contacts & Carrier Materials, duly brazed or welded.
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