Products Thick Film Materials  
  Ceramic Colours      
We manufacture the following -
1. Precious metal preparations such as Liquid gold, Gold pastes and
Platinum pastes.
2. Lustres (Liquid & Paste)
3. Thinners
4. Thermolustres  
These can be effectively applied by brush, silk-screen or pad printing, lined, sprayed or stamped - on glass, porcelain, bone china, vitreous china, stoneware, tiles, and even on metal substrates.
We also offer Heraeus manufactured products  
  • Precious metal preparations : bright gold, platinum and palladium, silk finish gold and platinum, burnish gold and platinum, high temperature gold.
  • Lustres.
  • Decoration colours : onglaze colours, inglaze colours, underglaze colours, metallic and interference metallic colours, solution colours, crinkle colours, glass & rustic colours.
  • Paints, oils, covercoats and auxillaries.
  • Resinates for technological applications.
  • Special products from Heraeus Schauer : Binder frits for grinding discs, glazes for stove tiles and ceramics.